2014 Expo Wheelmen Time Trial June 4th

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June 6, 2014 By Christopher Moore

Short and painful. Anyone who’s raced in a time trial knows that’s what it’s about.

On Tuesday night the Exposition Wheelmen cycling club held the second event of their five race 2014 Time Trial Race Series in Hebron.

For the uninitiated, a time trial is road cycling competition where competitors race individually against the clock. Riders start the race one at a time and do not interact with one another once on course. Strategizing thus eliminated, finishing times are solely the result of a mathematical equation pitting a riders’ power output against the course they are riding on.

The course for the Expo Wheelmen series is a 6.21 mile stretch of Camp Meeting Road and Route 85 that starts in Manchester, passes through Bolton and ends in Hebron. There are no corners for the riders to negotiate, just a series of long gradual climbs and descents that result in a slight overall elevation gain.

Despite a brief but torrential rainstorm that passed through the area immediately preceding the race conditions were perfect by the start time with overcast skies, cool temps and no wind.

Starting at 6:30pm sharp the evening’s twenty six participants began rolling away from the starting line at 30 second intervals. About half an hour later all riders were at the finish line debriefing one another on their performances. Team ERRACE’s Graham Garber averaged 26.8 miles per hour to finish the course in 13:53 – the fastest time of the night and the fastest time of the year so far. Laura Summers, also a Team ERRACE rider, was the fastest woman with a time of 16:48 (22.2 mph).

The remaining Expo Wheelmen Time Trial Series races will be held on June 18th, July 2nd and July 16th. More information can be found on the Expo Wheelmen website or the event’s Bikereg.com sign up page.

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